Tuesday, July 10, 2007

at last

It's official - we're married!!!!

After tons of running around, preparation, planning, and a little panicking, we pulled off the most perfect wedding I could ever have imagined. We don't yet have any wedding pics (if any of you have some, please send them via email so we can share with everyone), but we did get a new camera right before the wedding, so here are some pre-wedding pictures, and pics of the first day of our fabulous honeymoon in Montreal and Quebec City.

Pre-Wedding Photos

4th of July at Silverbrook in Port Washington, WI

Sweet doggie, Max

mmmm, Salmon

Jazz in the Park


Metro Station "du College"

Metro ride to Gare Centralle

Quebec City
More pictures to come. Stay tuned!


suze said...

hooray! i'm so happy everything went well. and i love the picture of you on the metro. hawt!

Susan (and Danny) said...

Congratulations Beth and Matt! It looks like Quebec is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing all the wedding pics. See you when you get back!

Beth said...

Thank you, Thank you Susans!