Thursday, September 6, 2007


The thing I like most about my new house: the kitchen. It's open and spacious with a breakfast bar, which serves as a laptop station most of the time and nice built in shelves to show of my new goods.Now people just need to start visiting so we can entertain them in our new digs here in Santa Fe. My mom and Tim have already booked the last weekend in October and may be our first guests unless anyone else chooses to come before that - any takers?

How about some nice locally grown, organic green chile, still warm from the roasters on fresh baked bread with homemade goat cheese all just purchased from the farmer's market next door? Anyone interested yet?
Come on, we have a really nice guest bed in spare-oom and a second bathroom, and if you're really lucky someone might even cuddle with you:
Not on the floor of course. Scarlett will snuggle anywhere, anytime. It is her way.

So who's coming to Santa Fe???


Jessica Malisch said...

Oh, I thought that we would get snuggled by your husband! Adam will be dissapointed to find out it is just scarlet handing out snuggles!

Erin , Kyle, Madigan, Naya, Barnaby & Hunnybear said...

I (and most likely the whole family) are definitely heading your way- just don't know when yet.

Beth said...

We still want to make it to Bozeman. Erin has lived there like 10 years and I still haven't made it. It's on the list and near the very tippy top of places to go!