Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday knits

As promised here are some photos of my holiday knits. They're not the best, so use your imagination to experience their true knitted glory.

This is E.R. Evelyn's elephant. He is made of double stranded sport weight alpaca. The pattern is from LMKG.

The scarf for Debbie was made with a funky cotton by Ironstone Yarns called Cotton Flake. I knit the whole thing using diagonal eyelet lace.
As for my mom's branching out scarf in jabberwocky cashmere (stitched back together after massive dog chewing), I forgot to get a picture. I'm sure mom will send one as soon as she gets her camera back from grandma and I'll be sure to post it. Now I'm just finishing up some Thuja socks for my m-i-l and then I'm going to start my first ever fair isle!

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