Friday, February 8, 2008

postal service

I walked over to my local branch of the post office to send some gifts and knitted items, many of which had been waiting to be sent for weeks. I sent a package to my uncle and his new wife to congratulate them on their secret wedding, a very belated birthday gift to my sister, a knitted square for a friends blanket that was supposed to be completed years ago, and some socks for my m-i-l. The socks, are the Thuja socks from knitty, knitted in Artyarns supermerino on size 5 dpns. I absolutely love this pattern and would recommend it to all, but especially to first time sock knitters - it's fast, easy and really fun, oh, and cute! I am also a huge fan of this yarn, it's gorgeous and really springy and yummy. I hope Melissa enjoys her Thujas.
Melissa's purty socks modeled by yours truly. I'm thinking about becoming a professional sock model. What do you think?


suze said...

gorgeous! i'm totally going to have to make those again in a yummy yarn like those :).

Melissa said...

If you decide to become the best sock knitter ever, I will be your first and best client!!

Beth said...

I'm sure these won't be your last pair of socks from me, Melissa, but next time, the yarn is on me.