Thursday, April 10, 2008

a happy day

The philosophy department at UC Riverside has changed alot in my four years there, and it has had a stellar year with three amazing new hires, including the news today that Maudemarie Clark a prominent Nietzsche scholar will be coming to Riverside. Please read about what ratings czar Brian Leiter had to say about it on his blog. Leiter also recently wrote this about UCR, which I can say is absolutely true:
I can report,
based on accumulated anecdotes over many years, that some departments
are really exceptional for how pleasant they are as places to do
graduate study: faculty are engaged, kind, supportive, committed, and
professional in their interactions with students. Arizona, North
Carolina, MIT,
UC Riverside, and U Mass/Amherst are among those about
which one regularly hears these kinds of glowing reports.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Beth, I am having one of those regeneration weekend days today and was able to catch up on your blog - all the way back to Mario Kart and margaritas. It sounds like you are enjoying a period of peace of mind - the kind that can be all too few and far between. Savor and nurture it and keep it posted - it helps others (me) achieve the same.