Saturday, July 19, 2008

california part II

The combination of working, spending time with friends and family I see rarely, and general summer stuff, I have been neglecting my little blog, and my knitting. Who wants to knit when it's 100 degrees?

So here's what I've been up to:

Last weekend started on Thursday with a dip in the pool, some snacks and a beer. Later that evening my sisters, my step-mom, and I went out for drinks while my dad played poker (although we did let him join us later).
Friday the parents left for Wisconsin, and the sisters and I headed down to laguna to visit a yarn shop and walk around. I only bought a tiny bit of local sock yarn - I was very impressed with my restraint. After Laguna, we went out for our very first pinkberry, which I found to be the inspiration for my new favorite yogurt shop in Santa Fe, yoberri park. After filling up on frozen yogurt we headed to the H&M, where I picked up two cute tops, a fabulous skirt, and a sexy dress, all for almost nothing. That night we went out for fabulous sushi with my sister's boyfriend. This is a favorite spot of my siblings, who know the sushi chef. We ended up drinking more than we ought, and spent Saturday recovering.

Sunday I headed into LA to visit my friend Jasmine, who I had not seen in forever. We took her Corgis for a walk and had a lovely brunch, before heading out for pedicures. The photo of the Corgis above is from her blog, are they not too cute? After leaving Jasmine's place I headed out to Santa Monica to check out Mandy's soon-to-be-new digs. We walked around her lovely new neighborhood, saw the college she will be teaching at, and Drew's school. Then we all went out for Indian food. I came home exhausted and not quite ready for another week of teaching.

The rest of the week went by quickly with teaching and working. We had dinner with Grandma Rita on Tuesday and Heather left to return east on Wednesday. This weekend has been mostly quiet time with myself, although Courntney and Fernando keep me company from time to time. Tonight I am headed out to Riverside for a potluck with friends and then it's only four more days until I am home with my little family!

In other news we think we found a flat in Milwaukee, so keep your fingers crossed that it works out.

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Susan said...

Hi Beth,

Sounds like a great time! Are you moving to Milwaukee?