Sunday, September 28, 2008

best day ever

Today Matt and I road our bikes the almost 7 miles from our house to Miller Park, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers to tailgate with my mom and her husband before they went to the Brewers final with the Cubs. It was not only the last game of the season, it was do or die for the Brew Crew. They had to win (and the Mets had to loose) for them to cinch their first play-off birth in 26 years.
The ride to Miller Park was super nice, with great bike paths and an easy go of it. By the time we got there we decided we couldn't live with just listening to the game from the parking lot and visited a nice scalper man who sold us two seats in the bleachers for well above face value (it would prove to be worth every penny, and then some). The picture above is of me and my mom before the game. The one below is of Matthew and I after Ryan Braun came through in the clutch to put the Brewers ahead, and shut up the a-hole Cub fans who insist on coming to our stadium and shooting their mouths off. That was the first time the stadium went nuts.

The picture above was taken after the Brewers won and the place went nuts a second time. But, we still had to wait to celebrate because the Mets game hadn't finished. They put up the Mets-Marlins game on the big screen and we all held our breath while the Marlins held onto a 4-2 lead. When the last out was made Miller Park went nuts for the third time. There was screaming, yelling, hugging of total strangers, singing, dancing, in two words: pure joy:
Our hero, CC, on the big screen:
The players come back out with the champagne:
We pretty much moved back to Milwaukee in the most perfect September we could have. To have missed this would have broken our hearts. Now, it's onto Philly! (for the brewers, not us, we're staying in Milwaukee)


Melissa said...

It looks like you had an amazing time!! What a memory you will have for the rest of your lives.
Love ya!

Susan said...

It sounds like a great time! Do they have bike racks at the stadium?