Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Knits

Apparently I am in the midst of another baby deluge. Everyone I know is pregnant, again. And apparently I am obsessed with garter stitch - so squishy, it just screams "wrap me around a little teeny tiny person!" My first baby project is all finished except for those pesky ends to weave in and a quick wash. It's the log cabin above in knitpicks swish bulky. I really like that yarn, especially for a superwash. So squishy. I need to get it all finished and off in the mail because that little one will be here any day now.
And now, I am on to my first attempt at EZ's baby surprise jacket (ravelry link). So far I like it. It's odd not really understanding the construction, but I'm trying to just go with it. I am happy with my yarn choice as well, Mission Falls 1824 Cotton Whirl in a fun pink/orange/purple mix called dusk. It's for my cousin's baby girl due in October, who's parents are the artsy creative type. I hope it turns out, because I think it will be really cute.
I still need to pick up supplies for Emmet's little brother Sawyer's present. He's actually next up for arrival, but I didn't have the yarn on hand and the project shouldn't take too much time. After that there are the two November babies, one boy, one girl, and another baby in January. Luckily no December babies because I have special project for my mom for x-mass this year. With all this knitting, school starting back up next month, and my dissertation trucking along, I should be able to keep out of trouble - mostly.

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Jessica and Adam said...

dear lord do you have some serious baby knitting to do:)