Wednesday, September 22, 2010

perfect fit

What happens when an avid knitter discovers an inspirational home decor solution that involves knitting?
She blogs about it! (And in theory, actually makes the item in question.) When new passions meet old in a perfect marriage of craftiness, the knitted lamp shade is born.

This DIY tutorial posted today over on designsponge has me thinking cozy knitted lamp shades in lovely colors everywhere. I mean what lamp doesn't want a sweater?


Marianne said...

i've found your great pattern "francis revisited", as far as you know is there any translation in french, i am asking because... i am french :)!
if not, i'll try anyway, even if i don't knw well how to knit with circular needles!
thank you for your response and excuse me for my bad bad english!

Beth said...

Sorry, no French, only Spanish - send me an email or ravelry message if you would be interested in translating it! I would love for it to be available in French.