Monday, March 12, 2007

i got the madnesss

So for anyone who knows me, and seriously if you don't, why are you reading my silly blog? Anyways, if you know me, and if you know the man in my life, then you know that march is our favorite time of year. Opening day is just around the corner, and march madness is in full swing. Yesterday was selection sunday, so it is time to fill in your brackets.

I have yet to decide who I'd like to see go all the way this year. Wisconsin has sentimental value of sorts, but they have looked terrible lately. Florida is hot, but I hate them. Mostly I hate joakim noah. How can the son of a swedish model be so god awful ugly? My apologies for uglying up my pretty blog with his face (in case you don't know, he's the "special" boy on the right), but I felt the picture proved a point I have been trying to make for a year now: if that kid wasn't 8 feet tall and good at basketball he'd most definitely never have gone to college. He'd be lucky to ask if you wanted fries with that.

So enough trash talk, let the games begin!


miltownhero said...


Anonymous said...

Because it's easy to pick on you and your stupid fiance.

I mean seriously? If you're going to delete posts from strangers then seal your blog off so it's private.

Otherwise you just look like a coward. (Well to me anyways)

Beth said...

It's easy to call someone else a coward when you are hiding behind anonymity. Who are you anyways "anonymous" and why are you wasting your time reading a blog you seem to dislike so much?

Anonymous said...

Because I'm bored. That would be my own problem.

But if you must know I think it's interesting to read the blog of Beth...soon to be Beth Pinix.

miltownhero said...

good to know that you find it interesting. sorry to hear that i am stupid, but i would like to commend you on knowing that the proper spelling of fiance when used to refer to a man excludes the second 'e.' bravo.

Beth said...

no, no honey, i think anonymous just got lucky there. He/she is clearly not that bright, look at the punctuation!

Anonymous said...

I knew you guys would do that! I had wondered if I should go though it and try to figure out the best way to say what I wanted to.

Good for you! You have your correct punctuation and eachother. You both must be very proud.

To the happy couple! May your marriage be a happy one that lasts the rest of your days!