Sunday, March 18, 2007

loop it back

A few weeks ago when I was visiting Tulsa, I had to make a trip to the LYS (that's local yarn store, for those who don't know the lingo), Loops. Loops carries a wide variety of beautiful yarns and is spacious and comfortable.

We went there to get jessica some yarn and sticks to complete her first project. She selected two skeins of gorgeous noro kureyon in a scrumptios self striping combonation of deep indigo, turquoise, soft plum, and a delightful pinky-peachy color. The newbie knitter is planning to make a simple garter stitch scarf, which will be beautiful because of the self-striping of the yarn.

As for myself, I was such a good girl! I only bought one skein of my favorite manos del uraguay in a rich green color that I plan on knitting into a hat for matthew to match his new scarf (photo to come soon).

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