Thursday, August 23, 2007

clothing exchange

My friend Catherine held one of her semi-annual "clothing exchanges" last Sunday. The get-together served as a sort of going away party for me, because I was able to see lots of friends and catch up before we make the big move to Santa Fe. For those of you who have never been, a "clothing exchange" is an event where a bunch of women (or men) get together and bring clothes they no long want and put them into piles and everyone gets a chance to pick up some "new" clothes. We give whatever is left over to charity. I was able to give away lots of clothes and scored an excellent pair of khakis and a couple of shirts. I hear you can do the same thing with yarn - a "stash exchange". Sounds pretty sweet.

Cat modeling some of the "prizes"
Angie braving layers in 110 degree heat.
I think Caroline decided against this one because of the impossibility of undergarments.
I acctually brought this red dress which belonged to my step-mom's sister-in-law, but decided to take it back because it's costume party potential was just too huge.
How full of crap do I look? It's awesome.

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Jasmine said...

You look like you should be on Dynasty.