Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting to know you

So as we spend more and more time with little Miss Scarlett we learn more and more about her. For example, her toes are webbed and she really likes water - evidence of her labrador ancestors. She likes to hide her bones - in the garbage, under the couch, in the laundry, behind tables, everywhere. She is a master destroyer (just toys and bones) - if it can be disasembled with her paws and teeth by golly she'll destroy it. She thinks yarn is tastey, but we have suffered no tradgedies as of yet.

We're fairly sure that she is part giraffe. Her neck measures over 5 inches long!
While her Shepard parentage accounts for a long neck, we think her's is excpetional, but of course, we're new parents, so we think everything about our baby is exceptional. She's been to the dog park and enjoys romping with other pooches once she gets to know them. She likes to take naps on the cool tile floor and snuggle with mommy and daddy in the big bed and is really good about sleeping all night in her kennel. We're so proud of our little girl.

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