Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Wool Festival at Taos

Today we loaded up the car headed to the The Wool Festival at Taos. It was everything I dreamed it would be. We saw sheep, llamas, goats, and lovely little alpacas; Matthew ate a yummy lamb sausage, and I got a fresh infusion of fabulous yarn. Scarlett wasn't so sure about the festival, mostly because she had to ride for over an hour in the car to get there and she hates the car, but I think she ended up having a good time.

The drive up to Taos:
Me in heaven, I mean at the Wool Festival:
It was a beautiful day for a mow:
The spoils:
The purple/red/blue: Brook's Farms Mohair; White: Jabberwocky Farms Cashmere;
Gray: Elsa Wool Company; Green: Plain & Fancy Wool & Sheep Co.

We had planned to camp near Taos but unfortunately, despite getting our tent up in 50 mile/hour winds we had to abandon that plan when we discovered we had set up camp on a pricker patch and the puppy's paws were full of sticky prickers. Turns out the whole area was covered in them, and so we decided to take the hour drive home and put off Scarlett's first camping trip for another day.


Jessica Malisch said...

So jealous, jealous of the festival, the beautiful drive, the almost camping, you lucky girl!

suze said...

omg. the yarn looks awesome! and, i can't believe matt actually went! :) good man, that husband of yours.

Jasmine said...

So cool! I L-O-V-E Taos, my family is from Mora, which is closeby....

Susan said...

Enjoy your wool! I think that you should knit something for Miss Scarlett--perhaps a beret to match the reflective vest?