Sunday, November 4, 2007


This week I turned a heel on a pair of socks and took the extra DPN (double pointed needle) and set it somewhere nearby. A few hours later I thought to myself, "where is that fifth DPN? I'm going to need that. It turns out Scarlett had eaten her first knitting needle. Luckily this was a size 0 needle, which is about the same size as many of the twigs she snacks on in the yard. She left behind a tiny little piece, just so I would be sure that it was she that caused the disappearance of the DPN.
The loss of the sock needle prompted my purchase of the Harmony sock needle set. I have had my eye on them since Knitpicks introduced the Harmony line a month or so ago. Now I am ready to knit socks until I'm sick of it, which I can't imagine. They are so fun to knit with all of the shaping, the finished product is a million times more comfortable and better looking than store bought, and the yarns available for sock knitting are amazing. I'm not the kind of girl to make a sweater from variegated or self striping yarn, because my fashion sense won't allow it, but socks, now socks are where a girl can have some fun. So as I am about to finish my first pair (I know it has taken me forever, but I keep getting distracted), I am already planning a second and a third. I am planning to make myself the socks for veronik from this years Interweave Holiday Issue and these for Matthew from Knitty. Matthew also has his heart set on some fingerless gloves, which I think will be pretty fun.

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Suze said...

so, yeah, i can't find the damned pattern for the fingerless gloves i was going to mail you. i think they got mixed up with my "papers to file." if i can't find it by this weekend, i'm hijacking jess's book and am going to make another copy.

hooray for pretty DPNs!