Friday, October 31, 2008


These were the FO I had been dreaming of. They were easy, fast and the end result was perfect. There was no ripping, no frogging, no unknitting of any kind, and I never want to take them off (although it is actually very warm here today, almost too warm for these). Unfortunately, they have been a bit camera shy so far, so these are the best photo I have. It's a pretty accurate representation. Here's the facts:
Pattern: Evangeline (ravelry download here)
Yarn: Cascade 220 - slightly less than 1 skein
Colorway: 9454 purple heather (from stash)
Needles: US 5 dpns
Modifications: reversed the cable for left glove, 
did one last repeat of row 3 before finger ribs, 
picked up a couple extra stitches for thumb gusset


suze said...

gorgeous! i should make a pair for the chilly office.

Melissa said...

Those are so cute! With what do you wear them? Love the color also.
I really think you should sell the patterns you come up with.
Hope you both had fun last night.

Erin said...

Beautiful!! I'm finished my right hand glove and am excited to get started on the next one. I'm so proud of myself for doing a cable knit for the 1st time!

Beth said...

Thanks everybody!

Just to clarify - this is not my pattern, I just knit them. I wear them constantly, with t-shirts, 3/4 length shirts, sweaters, jackets. I wore them today with long-sleeves and a jacket, they're totally versatile.

Erin - you'll love your Fetching gloves when you are done, I am thinking I want to make a pair of those too, make sure to put pics up on your blog!

Susan said...

Beautiful arm-warmers! They look so cozy!
The idea of arm-warmers reminds me of this store that existed briefly in the 80's. I forget the name, but they sold nothing but tubes of stretchy cloth in every conceivable color and texture that were supposed to be layered and worn as tube-tops, skirts, shrugs, sleeves, leggings, turbans, whatever.

Beth said...

I remember that store! The store was white with like IKEA type boxes and the stretchy tubes were really bright colors and black and white. I had some stretchy tubes that were knock-offs of that stuff I think, because if I recall those tubes were expensive (but oh so versatile).