Monday, June 11, 2007

alpacas are too cute

One of my very favorite knitting fibers is alpaca. It is a hollow fiber so it is very, very warm and it is as soft as cashmere but very, very affordable. You can buy it in natural colors, as I did recently. (For my birthday my mommy bought me 900 yards of yarn spun from an alpaca named Francis. Francis is going to become a sweater later this year.) You can also get alpaca dyed any color of the rainbow. I made my sister, Heather a cabled hat in a gorgeous blue/green heather (no pun intended) for her graduation.

Although I am a city girl at heart, if I ever found myself living in the country I think I would have to get some little alpaca friends of my own. Have I mentioned they are adorable?

And here is a baby - awe it's so cute:
Apparently they are also well behaved live stock who don't damage their environment and make great fertilizer. You can read all about alpacas here.

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