Sunday, June 10, 2007


I am so excited! As you know, we are moving to Santa Fe, NM at the end of August/ beginning of September and I cannot wait. Not only is the area full of fun outdoor stuff to do and the city one of the top tourist destinations in the US, but its a great place to be a knitter! Ever since we decided to mover there I am always browsing the internet for information on "knitting and santa fe." Through a blog I love I learned of the Wool Festival at Taos. This is like Disneyland for knitters. While Matthew may not be a knitter and doesn't like festivals, I suspect even he'll have a good time. There are booths selling fabulous local yarns, various demonstrations, and a "Fiber Critters Showcase"! There will be cute little sheep, adorable alpacas and llamas, goats, and even angaora bunnies! And the best part is - we can take our pooch! I wonder what the pup will think of alpacas.

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