Monday, March 17, 2008

in-laws and big metal statues

Matthew's parents, Steve and Melissa, came to visit us. On Saturday, Matt suggested that we all head over to the Santa Fe Brewing Company to take a tour, which was at 12pm. That pretty much explains the rest of Saturday. Luckily we took pictures so we can remember some of what we did. Sunday was a bit painful, but we headed out to the Shadoni art foundry to check out a bunch of big metal art (Steve runs a foundry back in Tulsa). We had tons of fun and it was really sad to see them leave today.

On the tour:Steve and Melissa in Burro Alley:
The red coat ladies and a very luck metal native american:
Matthew fighting a big metal Eagle at Shadoni:
More Shadoni shenanigans:

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Susan said...

Watch out for that tetanus-wolf!