Friday, October 31, 2008


These were the FO I had been dreaming of. They were easy, fast and the end result was perfect. There was no ripping, no frogging, no unknitting of any kind, and I never want to take them off (although it is actually very warm here today, almost too warm for these). Unfortunately, they have been a bit camera shy so far, so these are the best photo I have. It's a pretty accurate representation. Here's the facts:
Pattern: Evangeline (ravelry download here)
Yarn: Cascade 220 - slightly less than 1 skein
Colorway: 9454 purple heather (from stash)
Needles: US 5 dpns
Modifications: reversed the cable for left glove, 
did one last repeat of row 3 before finger ribs, 
picked up a couple extra stitches for thumb gusset

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

John McCain hates Milwaukee

Apparently John McCain was quoted in the Washington Post saying he'd hate to live in Milwaukee, and in response someone made this video that quite rightly proclaims all of the greatness that is Milwaukee.


Just so everybody knows, come November 5th - no more political posts - I promise.


At long last - A knitting update!!!

I finished the shruggy surprise for the wedding and I am still debating whether or not to write up the pattern, whether to sell it or give it away, etc. Then I started working on the Mrs. Darcy Cardi, which I am knitting in one piece, because I hate seams. I sarted knitting this and had gotten most of the body done, when I realized it was enormous. I had swatched, but made a stupid mistake, namely my gauge was too big and I thought it was small, silly me. I went down a needle size (two from what the pattern suggests) but still couldn't get gauge, so I cast on fewer stitches. Hopefully, all will go well. The yarn is lamb's pride in aubergine but in this picture it looks reddish and in some light looks brown, but its more of a deep purplish burgandy:And then on Monday when I was wearing my beloved Francis, my arms were cold. I said to myself, you need something to keep your little arms warm when you wear three-quarter length sleaves in winter. After a little pop over to ravelry to puruse my options, I decided to caset on the Evangeline fingless gloves. I finsihed the first one that night and I LOVE it. The pattern is so easy and gorgeous. I am also in love with the billion year old Cascade 220 from deep within the stash that I am using to make them. I am a happy knitter!
Evangeline - I love you.

Terri got married

On Saturday my cousin Terri married Andrew and I served as the maid, ahem, matron of honor. It was an amazingly beautiful wedding and an incredibly good time. Unfortunately many of our pictures didn't turn out but here are a few of the good ones. The couple and their cake:

The cousins not getting married that day: me, the bride's brother brian, and cousin paulie
The newly weds and the old married couple:
Time to go home:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Solid - Solid as Barack

I have many things to post: a wedding, new knits, cute dog pictures, but I want to share this with you because it is so hilarious and we can't get all of the catchy tunes out of our heads and keep singing them, which sort of sucks, but now you can all share in our joy/misery.

Winner 2008: SNL

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

why so fuggy?

Why is Interweave Knits turning into a fugfest? Photos of the projects of this years special ""Gifts" issue are up here and they are fuggerific. I mean for bejeezus' sake look at the cover? Who would put that snowman poop impersonation on their head? Last year I rushed out to buy the issue, because it had some really cute things, but this year you couldn't pay me to put that thing in my house. I seem to recall that last year the winter issue was a little craptastic and I thought it was because they put all the good stuff in the "gifts" issue, so maybe this year they saved all the good stuff for the winter issue, which I get at no cost with my subscription, so I should be happy. Or maybe the problem is that with the dawn of ravelry people are less likely to submit their designs to Interweave, and the really talented designers choose instead to sell their designs on their own. I mean why let someone pick up the pattern in a magazine when if they really want it they will pay $7 directly to you for just that one pattern? Just a thought. Here's some fug for you:

UPDATE (Nov 31, 08): Turns out that when a design is popular and it goes in the Knitting Daily store, the designer gets a big cut of the sales there, so keep sending your fabulous designs to Interweave, because it really works out for everyone. No one really wants to knit necklettes, do they?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

first house guest

This dude is going to be staying with us for the next 8 days:
His name is Max. His family, my cousins Allen and Christy, are going to be out of town, and so the little guy is going to come and play with Scarlet at our house. It will be interesting to see what life is like with two pooches. I figure it's just more barking for barack.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

bark for barack

Next Saturday at noon is the Bark for Barack walk here in Milwaukee. We're planning to take our little Obama supporter down to Bradford Beach next weekend to hang out with other politically like-minded pooches and their owners. Here is the T-Shirt design I came up with for little Scarlet to wear:
Won't she be just adorable? I'll be sure to share pictures of her in the final product.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

knitters for obama

I found this on the webernets:

Isn't it awesome?! That lady has mad skills. I'm thinking about knitting an obama hat and will definitely be ordering this knitters for obama t-shirt, but that sweater is beyond my patience, but I so admire it.

Please - Vote For OBAMA!

Monday, October 6, 2008

the secret is out

Milwaukee is the coolest. Read all about it here. They actually go to places we love, like the Knick for brunch.

my favorite existentialist

No it's not Heidegger; it's Opus. Yes, he's a comic strip character, but he's brilliant. I love that penguin and today it was officially announced that Opus will be no more, although it's been obvious in the strip for weeks. I'll share one of my favorites from a couple of years ago (and hopefully not be sued for copyright violations):
This one from last sunday conveys a similar message (and makes fun of Sarah Palin - bonus!):

Friday, October 3, 2008

I need an FO

I haven't finished a knitting project in months (unless you count two baby hats, and I don't). I need a sweater, a scarf, a beautiful sense of accomplishment. But no, I've been working on shruggy surprise to wear to my cousin's wedding, which still isn't done and is not extremely satisfying. Worse, the wind has a brisk chill and on my way through the park I saw a maple all ablaze in red and orange glory. I want a big, yummy, hand-knit sweater. I wore Francis yesterday. I really love her. I need to knit more perfect sweaters that take no time and come out fitting perfectly. My ears have been sucking in freezing air as I glide about town on my new bike and I so I have been trying to make an ear warmer from my stash, but to no avail. All I have is just lots of frogged yarn and cold ears. People, I need an FO. What should I knit? Please tell me.