Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The results show

Happy new year and finally happy new house! While we still have a few projects and no house is ever done being made a home, we are pretty much moved in and enjoying our new place. We had quite a bit of fixing up to do as the place was rather sketchy. I've already posted about some of that and will hopefully post a few more before and afters and explain some of our DIY and resale shop finds, but for now take a top to bottom tour of our little home.
Ready for guests.
I have a desk of my own again.
Matt stacked up some old closet organizing shelves to show off family photos in the guest room.
Our bedroom is so calm and pretty now. I love it. We still need new lamps.
Matthew helped me make the really cool earring organizer. 

Got this awesome mirror for $10 from the restore.
Grandmas and Grandpas at the head of the stairway.
This arrangement is the thing I am most proud of.
I got the idea for the shelf as sofa table from this post on AT. The idea for reclaiming the old window came from these posts on craftynestand here. The window was a freebie from the restore and Matthew did most of the work, although I did major consulting and the painting.
overview of the living room
This is the final after picture for the powder room. I made the curtains and for once in my life my sewing machine didn't sass me at all and the project was smooth sailing. 
And finally: the basement bar. All we did here was clean it up and add some holiday cheer.