Wednesday, September 22, 2010

perfect fit

What happens when an avid knitter discovers an inspirational home decor solution that involves knitting?
She blogs about it! (And in theory, actually makes the item in question.) When new passions meet old in a perfect marriage of craftiness, the knitted lamp shade is born.

This DIY tutorial posted today over on designsponge has me thinking cozy knitted lamp shades in lovely colors everywhere. I mean what lamp doesn't want a sweater?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

progress is paint

Today we picked up new night stands at a garage sale for $10! I just need to decide what color to paint them and change out the hardware and they'll be great. They're not even that bad as is. We also painted the bedroom today and it is sooo much better. I love, love, love it. Who knew so much happiness could be purchased with $35 and 6 hours of work?
Bedroom with fresh paint and the furniture moved around. We still need to add some art work and curtains, but it is sooo much better already. The color is Olympic "Going Grey"
Bedroom before. The wall color was vomit, ak.a. Sherwin Williams "Baguette," there is still al gallon left in the basement in case we want to change back to vomit.