Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

more sunshine and rainbows

Every Wednesday I go to lunch with my little friend Emmet Malisch and his mommy, Jessica. As you can see, the lunching is really paying off - Emmet weighed in at 12lbs at his 6 week check-up! You can read more about our lunching here and keep up on the happenings of Emmet and all the Malisches on their blog.

UPDATE: Emmet is now weighing in at 12lbs 14 ozs.

sunshine and rainbows

It's amazing how a picture can make you feel so much better. I have had a relatively retched day, but now it's all better.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

if you want sunshine and rainbows you're reading the wrong blog today

I finally got a draft of my prospectus completed and sent off. It is a very, very rough draft and writing it made me feel very, very rough. I think that writing your prospectus has to be the most painful experience of your academic life. You have all these fabulous ideas, but you need to figure out how to put them into a project - a project you will work on for the next two to three years of your life. Philosophy is hard. I wish I were suited for a real job, real jobs seem nice - you make money and get to have a life, but apparently you are expected to go like 4 or 5 days a week and be there for hours at a time, so it's not for me.

I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to post on my blog or do much of anything else. When I am not reading and writing and thinking deep philosophical thoughts, I am panicking and stressing about my stupid wedding. I am officially wishing every single day of my life that we had decided to run away and get married on some beach. Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions and they are supposed to be about the two people getting married, but somehow they always turn into three ring circuses and the two people getting married spend all their time worrying about making everyone else happy. Vendors never call you back. Everything is twice as expensive as you think it's going to be and no matter how much you have done, there is always more to do. So here is my advice for the day: If you ever get married - elope.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

I want to extend birthday wishes to my mother today. I hope she is having a wonderful day in beautiful and temperate Rockton, IL.

I love you mom.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

what's the deal with tea cozies?

Seriously, every damn knitting book I get has a gosh darn tea cozy in it! It is so cliche. And seriously, who uses a tea cozy? A cashmere tea cozy? One with ruffles? One that looks like an eight ball? I have a half dozen patterns for tea cozies that I will never make, unless of course someone I know really needs a tea cozy. If someone calls me up and says, "jeez, I have this tea kettle and it is soooo cold!" I will go right out and buy the yarn to make them a tea cozy (but not the cashmere yarn, because I would on principle never make a cashmere tea cozy). I just don't get the tea cozy.

puppy love

I have fallen into the habit of putting up cute pictures, because I just can't help myself. This is a picture of our "nephew" pete. Pete is a boxador - lab/boxer mix who is sweet as pie, but a bit of a terror. We are planning to add a canine member to our family later this summer and I would love to find a snuggler like little peter.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

it's all about balance

I just ordered a new knitting book!!!

I had to order several books for school and decided I needed a treat. I've had my eye on knit 2 together for awhile now. How can a knitting book by Tracy Ullman not be awesome? Now, I'm trying to be a responsible knitter and balance my hobby with my obligation to get my work done, but I might have to start just one project when it arrives, just one... for now.

Friday, April 6, 2007


Not since I first moved to Riverside nearly three years ago have I taken off and driven across the dusty desert to the city of sin, but tomorrow matthew and I are taking our little car on a road trip to vegas. We're going to meet up with my mom and tim who are there on vacation and staying at the fancy scmancy bellagio. We plan to gamble, gawk, have a few cocktails, eat, hang out and just have a good time. Before leaving sin city we will spend some time with my mom's in-laws, who are also in las vegas this week, on sunday for a bit of repentance in the form of easter brunch.

Matthew and I just decided to join the vedra crew in vegas today and were able to book a room at the oldest hotel still standing in vegas the golden gate in the ever-bright downtown/fremont street area. The golden gate opened to the public in 1906 and has a rich history. It is the home of the original las vegas shrimp cocktail with over 25 million sold. SHRIMP COCKTAIL BABY, SHRIMP COCKTAIL. And how much does one have to pay for such a historic treat? A whopping 95 cents!! Oh YEAH!!! Shrimp for less than a buck - it's like heaven - only shadier.

After a long week of hard work on papers and propositions and prospectuses we are psyched to get away and have a good time with tim and karen before heading into another greuling week.

I'll be sure to post pictures upon our return.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Evelyn will be 3 months old tomorrow, but today is her mommy's birthday. I won't tell you how old she is. All I can say is that for the next month and a half she is older than me.

Happy Birthday Jessica.