Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic knitting

First, Joannie Rochette, the definition of poise, grace and strength who won bronze in figure skating after the sudden death of her mother just days before is not only Quebecois (love the francophones), lovely and talented, she is a KNITTTER!!!! Woot! She said so in this interview. Love her.
Second, did you see the awesome big chunky sweater jackets that the medal presenter helpers wore?  I kept drooling over them all the time, they were so lovely. Well thanks to a little bit a of research over on ravelry, I found photos on the designer's website! Check them out. So lovely. It is called the Heritage Sweater. If only I could figure out what yarn/roving that is, it would probably not be that difficult to figure out how to knit my own. The accent colors are all woven in after the coat is finished so any superbulky roving style yarn in gray should work. They are offering a ready to wear version, but it is not nearly the same. The one above is the original with the giant custom needles used to knit it.

Finally, I did not finish my trellis and vine pullover in Oscar yarn in time for ravelympics. I keep running into problems and am starting to hate it very much, but true knitting athlete that I am I will persevere and finish this race. Hopefully, I will finish in time to wear it this weekend.