Monday, June 18, 2007

home sweet santa fe

Matthew and I are in the midst of a cross country drive on our way back to Wisconsin to get married. We are currently in Santa Fe, where we will be living by the end of August. We spent the last three days seeing 10 different possible future homes. Since we are no longer foolish kids who don't mind where we live, we had a lengthy list of amenities we wanted: we wanted to be close to the plaza (under a mile) so that M could walk to work, a washer and dryer were a must (a luxury we have become dependent on), we really wanted a dishwasher (it makes our life together much happier), we needed a two bedroom for all the guests that will be coming to visit us, and we needed a dog friendly house, which made things difficult, AND we had to be able to afford it. I am happy to say that after much searching and a little freaking out we found THE place for us. It is a half mile to the plaza and right next door to the farmer's market and a shopping center with a grocery store, movie theater, community center, and of course, starbucks. The house has been newly remodeled and has a HUGE new kitchen with tons of counter and cabinet space and two lovely new bathrooms all with gorgeous marble counters (from a local marble quarry). The master bath even has double sinks! I am afraid we may have to add another luxury item to our must haves in the future. The best part is that our landlords seem really great. The man who we will be renting from was even a clerk for the supreme court just like Matthew is going to be! We are really excited to live there and even more excited to have all of our friends and family (that's you folks) come and visit us.

In other news, we have been camping at a KOA just outside of Santa Fe and met some really great new friends named Elena and Jonathan who are embarking on a massive cross country adventure. We hung out and made smores around the campfire and enjoyed an authentic New Mexican dinner compete with Margaritas and Sopapillas (a local specialty that is basically fried dough, mmm fried dough) at a restaurant called Maria's. Other than that we have been eating sandwiches and hard boiled eggs out of our car and roughing it pretty good. Tomorrow we will leave and head to Oklahoma to see M's family before heading to my mom's house on Friday.

I'll post pictures soon.


Jessica Malisch said...

So does the KOA have wifi?

Beth said...

The KOA totally has WiFi. The connection is a little spotty but it did have it. I posted from a really cool coffee shop that was also a travel store - it was super cool.