Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Tonight we carved our great pumpkin, whilst "Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin" played in the background. After we completed our nifty little Jack-o-Lantern and gave him a test run, I decided to let Scarlett try on her costume. The little devil costume is the very same one that I wore for my first Halloween and it was also worn before me by my childhood doggie, Fella, thus it's a tradition that we have to keep. We're still waiting for the pumpkin seeds to finish toasting, but otherwise we are all set for trick-or-treaters tomorrow night. We have an assortment of mini-chocolate bars and if all goes well I won't have eaten them all before the children arrive.
Above: Scarlett says, "look what my people mad me do." I say, "the devil made me do it."
Matthew and I carving away
Below: Mr. Jack-o-Lantern


Susan said...

Scarlett looks great! Congrats to the designer of the multigenerational/multispecies devil costume. I can never decide what to do with old Halloween costumes--I should give them away to deserving dogs!
Also, is the jack-o-lantern supposed to look like Matt, or am I imagining things? (Please don't be offended Matt--its a very handsome jack-o-lantern!)

Beth said...

Well, I did design the jack-o-lantern, so I suppose subconsciously at least it is Matthew. He is afterall my muse.

matthew pinix said...

and i suggested that we make the nose bigger. haha.