Tuesday, November 13, 2007

For everything else....

Replacing chewed up boards in fence: $10
Shoe repair for one pair of perfect summer wedges: $20
Shoe repair for BCBG black heals: $15
Replacement of one two-ounce skein of handspun cashmere: $30
One trip to veterinarian for "injured" paw: $50

Unconditional Love: Priceless


Courtney said...

Miss Scarlett is adorable and super sweet. And who could stay mad at that face?!

Melissa said...

Ah yes, nothing quite like the love of the dog. No matter what they do, how much they cost they are worth every penny when it comes to love.

Suze said...

hooray for the KAL! when are you starting yours? i was debating whether to do it now or wait until my dad comes out so he can pick out the yarn. in which case, it'll be an awesome after-Christmas present.

i'm sure they'd let you out of jury duty, seeing as how you're more than out of the state ;). i'm hoping i'll get dismissed b/c i work at the newspaper. although, it would be nice to get the extra money while being away from work!