Monday, June 16, 2008

weekend in review

So we had a very full weekend, it being my last before I head to California for five weeks! It included drinks, knitting, shopping, and a wet dog:
Friday night we went out to la Cantina with friends Frank and Jen. We had many delicious beverages - many.
Above: Frank and Matthew engaged in what is probably an inappropriate conversation. Below: Cheers!Saturday, I headed over to the Santa Fe Baking Company for Worldwide Knit in Public Day with the ladies from looking glass yarns. It was very fun as you can see from the photo below.
Later that day we headed down to the plaza for the Santa Fe Arts and Crafts Show. We had been to the event last year when we were here scoping out places to live, and had seen these great hats for pooches, but as we did not yet have a pooch, we did not buy them. Well this year, we couldn't resist. Before you say anything, they are very practical, they have a special liner and when you dip them in water they act like a big old swamp cooler on the puppy's head. And they're very stylish.
Above: The K9Coolhats "models" Below: Scarlett in her new K9CoolhatSunday Scarlett and I took her daddy to Cochiti Lake for Father's Day. The lake is actually a resevoir created by a dam in the Rio Grande. It was hot as blazes, but we had a good time. Scarlett still isn't exactly sure what she thinks about swimming, but we're sure she'll take to it soon. We called and talked to our own dads and wished them a happy father's day. I hope all the daddies out there had a special day.
Above, Scarlett and her daddy playing in the lake.

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