Monday, August 25, 2008

I climbed a mountain

Not just any mountain, the highest peak in New Mexico. Wheeler Peak is 13, 161 feet high. We drove up to the Taos Ski Basin and hiked in 5 miles to the La Cal Basin and set up camp. The hike was a steep uphill climb. The next morning we woke up and climbed up through the thin air to the summit. Unfortunately our moment of great joy at the top of New Mexico was a bit dampened by some pretty scary thunder clouds over head, so we snapped a couple of quick pictures and made a speedy descent, well as speedy as you can on two foot wide trail 13,161 feet in the air. On the third day we hiked back out. We had a great time, and little Scarlett is still sleeping it off, still unaware of her own accomplishment, she mostly enjoyed the running around in the woods, rolling in cow crap, frolicking in mountain streams, and sleeping in the big, portable, communal kennel (i.e. the tent). Enjoy the photos:
Above: Matthew at the summit. Below: the view from the top of NM.Above: Threatening cloud, Below: Nonthreatening marmot. Above: Scarlett warms up by the fire on her daddy's lap. It was really cold and damp, and she had thought it was a good idea to romp in the freezing water just before the sunset. Silly puppy. Below: A picture of me at the sign marking the boundry of the Wheeler Peak Wilderness Area, with Wheeler peeking in the background. Note: All photos of the hike in and out are on the way out, as the hike in was enough to manage without photography.Above: me hiking out. Below: The sign that proves that the hike was wicked hard .
And of course, the cutest camper in the world:


Melissa said...

Looks like you kids had a wonderful time. Those photos are beautiful. Maybe someday we can all go hiking and camping together.
See you Thursday!

Susan said...

Hi Beth,

You're a superstar!
I guess that you'll have to find alternative sporty/outdoorsy things to do in the midwest. Extreme hill walking? Catfish wrestling?

When do you move?

Anonymous said...

yeah, marmots can be pretty threatening sometimes. i'm glad you ran into a non-threatening one!

ha ha! you set yourself up for snarky comments about marmots. i love marmots. why can't we have them for pets?