Wednesday, September 24, 2008

oh puppypants, you are so cute

I have yet to take pictures of the new place, which we love (it is small, but so cute!), but I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of our favorite pooch lounging in the new house.
And no, she's not drunk, she's just silly, and adorable. Scarlett is in seventh heaven at our new location. We are living just a half of a block from the Urban Ecology Center in Riverside Park. The park is a bit of wilderness right in the middle of the city. She loves frolicking in the woods and the oak forest surrounded fields, and occasionally takes a dip in the Milwaukee River (yes, it's gross, but she's a dog). More often than not she runs into another dog, or two, or five and runs around playing with her new friends. We could not have moved our little family to a better location if we had tried.


Anonymous said...

Are you SURE she's not drunk? Isn't it berry season in the north... where berries can ferment on the vine, causing berry-eaters (like birds... and sweet puppies) to crash into windows and into some seriously amazing naps....?

Gah, but she's very cute indeed. She looks like a cousin of the Chloers. Lucky you.

Beth said...

Thanks for all the blog lovin' kim. Chloe's mama and I have talked before about Scarlet's similarity to Chloe and how very lucky we are to have such a special pooch. Chloe set the standard for fifty pound mutt bitches pretty high.