Wednesday, February 11, 2009

spring is in the air

First, I found this image over at craftgossip, and I thought to myself what do I love more than knitting? That's right, cupcakes.

Second, the new spring interweave preview is up and it's a real snooze fest. Even Norah Gaughan's design seems uninspiring. The design I like most is a lace weight cardigan, but who has the time and patients to make a lace weight cardigan? Anyways, I am once again disappointed, and hoping for some good articles. Yes, I read the articles in my knitting porn, especially when the visuals leave a lot to be desired. Or maybe it will be better in person... One can hope.

In other news we are at 3 weddings and 5 babies for 2009 and counting...  I guess I'll be spending the spring and summer knitting for the expected little ones, which I will very much enjoy. Knitting little things is always fun. I think this may prove the perfect opportunity to finally make an EZ baby surprise jacket or a February sweater on two needles, or maybe a baby kimono from Mason Dixon, or perhaps practice a new top-down technique for a future big girl pattern. And let's not forget a baby blankie or two. I'm thinking bulky yarn for the blankies...

UPDATE: Here is a link to vegan yumyum who made those boss cupcakes. Apparently Martha Stewart is a fan. The imbedded video shows you how to make them!


suze said...

i've had the february sweater in my ravelry queue for awhile. haven't been able to squeeze it in yet! dang!

oh, and i REALLY want to know how to make those cupcake toppers.

Overanalyzer: said...

just got mine in the mail. it isn't any better than the preview. boo. the articles suck too. i am really not going to renew i think.

Beth said...

Indeed Overanalyzer, there is no improvement when one sees it in person. Although I find the idea of a short-row shawl intriguing, but there is not a single pattern that makes me say "oh, I have to knit that!" Perhaps I too should ponder non-renewal.