Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Attention Target Shoppers

Tonight at stitch-n-bitch cynthia was telling a story about a friend of hers who went into labor at the target store located on arlington ave. here in Riverside. Not only had this friend gone into labor at target, but she had an extremely quick delivery; and a short time later the same exact thing happened to another friend of cynthia's at the same exact target store. My friend jessica, who is 9 months pregnant and due to deliver her baby, emmet, any day now (actual due date = march 4th), was also present this evening. As you can imagine, jessica was intrigued by this story. So, at 9:25 pm pacific standard time jessica and I departed stitch-n-bitch and headed to the target store on arlington.

Jessica and I waited out the many announcements and chastisements that came over the loudspeaker stating: "attention target shoppers the store will be closing in 15min, 10min,!" just hoping emmet would attempt to make his entrance into the world, but alas, when jessica got into her car in front of the darkened target on arlington ave. the labor had still not started, but there was a bit of promising pressure in her lower abdomen. I'll keep you all updated on the arrival of little emmet - who is by the way betrothed to little evelyn.


miltownhero said...

what's with these babies and their staying past the deadline? poor mommies.

Jessica Malisch said...

I think we need to go back to Target, what are you doing today? Also I heard from Jason that the Target in MoVal did nothing for progressing labor for Vanessa, so we should stick with the one on Arlington:)