Monday, February 5, 2007

Go Team!

Yesterday my friend Mandy donated her sunday to the completion of a long neglected project here at casa de mattandbeth - our redo of two old couches that my grandparents made around 1963 that I rescued from their basement a couple years ago. Mandy is a philosopher and knitter, but is also a supremely talented and efficient sewer and together (I use that term loosely) we finished the couch cushions. Yay!!!

Thanks again Mandy!

Now matthew and I just need to find time to refinish them - we'll see what happens.


miltownhero said...

those couches look so much better now that they aren't olive and neon green. good work ladies.

Melissa said...

Those are beautiful! Maybe you two should go into business together..can't wait to get to see them.

Beth said...

Thank God for Mandy!