Friday, February 9, 2007

alpaca, merino, and peruvian wool. oh my!

I am going in with the ladies from my stitch-n-bitch on a knitpicks order. I have been obsessed with the webpage. Figuring out yarn substitutions, day-dreaming about color combinations, fantasizing about gifts and projects... Oh the joy of the anticipation of a project not yet started.

And then the wonderful man with whom I now share a bank account turned to me with love in his eyes, and asked, "so how much are we spending on yarn?" He's so practical. So I had to decide on the projects I would really knit, and when I would really knit them, and bring the whole knitting delusion back down to earth. So I am ordering enough yarn to make the cable-knit skirt that so far exists only in my mind, some yarn for various baby projects from "lmnk" and a truly beautiful yarn in moss green to knit he-who-shares-my-bank-account the "men's cashmere scarf" from "lmkg", but instead of $50 dollar a ball cashmere, we're going with a beautiful blend, which is ever so much more affordable. I am thinking that if the scarf is wonderful enough (and I have no doubt it will be), matthew will continue to support me in my responsible yarn habits for many years to come.

I have even made a list of yarn for holiday gifts for next year - it's never too early!


miltownhero said...

beautiful and economically considerate--yet another reason that i am marrying you.

Melissa said...

Please forward said list to me...birthdays have a way of coming do other holidays! I am so looking forward to having you two here again.