Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tent, sweet tent

Many years ago my mother used to pitch our tent in the backyard and let me have outdoor sleepovers with my friends.

Today, Matthew and I purchased a new tent from REI. We got a super sweet deal on the Sierra Designs Hyperlight AST 3. We had been in the market for a tent for awhile, we had a REI gift card that my dad and step-mom gave us for chrismukkah, and REI was having a huge sale, so we got a cool new toy. Of course, we couldn't help but set it up, and as we have no yard, we pitched it right in the middle of our living/dining room.

We hope to get many years of use out of it and cannot wait to use it as soon as possible.


miltownhero said...

that's a nice tent. it's a bummer that they gave us the wrong fly. but, it's awesome that they are shipping us an entirely new tent from seattle to remedy the wrong. giggity giggity.

pops steve said...

VERRRRRY NICE!!! I especially like the double front doors which will eliminate the ever so cumbersome climb over to get out and back over to get in on those middle of the night necessary trips. Enjoy the tent and all of the memories it will bring.

Jessica Malisch said...

Beth... you camp?
:) Jessica