Monday, February 19, 2007

the happenings of a very busy blogger/knitter/philosopher/niece/daughter

So one of my reasons for entering the blogosphere was to show my beloved matthew a thing or two about keeping one's blog up to date and not neglecting the blog by posting regularly, perhaps even every day. Yet it is I who has been shown a thing or two, and I apologize to you, my poor neglected readers. How could it be that I have not logged on and updated my readers with the happenings in my life, both on and off the sticks?

We have had an incredibly exciting week, with not one, but four guests! One of whom came all the way from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. My uncle jim was our very first out of town guest. On wednesday I took uncle jim to visit UCR's botanical gardens and the historic mission inn before we returned to our house with matthew and had dinner. It was great to have him here and we hope that he and auntie dianne will be out to visit us in santa fe next year.

Last night we had my dad and step-mom out for dinner to celebrate my father's birthday. They brought along our favorite little furry friend, fernando and a good time was had by all. I tried out a new recipe from the vegetarian bible and it was delicious and will definitely be made again. The dish was called "cottage pie" and was a vegetarian version of shepherds pie with lentils, and what I believe to be the key ingredient - parsnips. Mmmmmm parsnips, who knew?

Saturday was the GSA's third annual research conference and it took up most of my day. I was able to sit back and enjoy the presentations this year and that was wonderful. Last year I was one of the coordinators and although the experience was one of the most rewarding of my life, it was pretty stressful and exhausting. That night we hung out with good friends and ate the most fabulous onion dip you've ever even thought of eating. I plan to try to recreate the recipe - I will update you if I am successful.

I spent today working and trying to felt the unfeltable yoga mat bag. I am not so sure about felting anymore, but I will write more about this if I ever finish this stupid yoga mat bag.

So that is the news from the home front. I finished another hat for baby Evelyn, this time in purple and have started another in cream. I am expecting a new shipment of yarn any day now, and then there is no telling what will appear on the blog. Mmmmm yarn, even better than parsnips.

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miltownhero said...

i had fun with all the visitors. i wish that we could figure a way to bring the whole family out here (at different times, of course (we have a small house)). hopefully, having jim at the house started a deluge of visitors into our humble abode. with the time that mark, debbie, and fernando spent here, we're well on our way.