Sunday, June 29, 2008

California part I

I've been here a week and it's been rather eventful. On Monday the power went out, on Tuesday my class was canceled because there was no air conditioning due to the power failure. Wednesday I was finally able to give a lecture, which went pretty well considering I was purty rusty. Wednesday night I had dinner with friends Catherine and Mandy and then went to knit with my old Riverside Stitch N Bitchers. It was uberfuntastic.
Above: Fun Fur! What is it good for? Funny pictures! Below: Stitchers? or Bitchers?
Thursday, I awoke to, guess what? Another power outage, this time at my dad's house where I am currently staying. I had to pack up and head to R'Side to get ready at friend Mandy's house and spend the day plugging my laptop in at coffee shops. Friday I headed in to Riverside to make up the class I missed and then the whole family went into LA to see a a really good play, Adam Baum and the Jew Movie at the Hayworth theater. My cousin Noah was the assistant director and he gave us a tour of the theater and went for drinks with us afterwards. Saturday was spent working and then out for drinks and dinner with friends Caroline and Frank. Sunday was step-mom Debbie's birthday so the family headed to the beach to celebrate:
I really miss my little family, but luckily I have my family here to keep me company. Fernando is happily filling in for Scarlett in terms of puppy duties.
I am looking forward to going back to Santa Fe to see Matthew and the puppypants on Wednesday for a long weekend of birthday, independence day, and anniversary celebrations.


suze said...

i still have an awesome picture of me with fernando from that prom party. i miss my date! ;)

Jessica and Adam said...

I miss everybody, no fair Beth! When are you coming to stitch and Bitch with me??

Love J

master p., esq. said...

didn't someone's house wash out from that part of the beach? makes for a pretty sunset though.