Monday, June 9, 2008


This weekend we finally made it to the Pecos Wilderness! Here are some pics:
Above: The puppy posing by the sign marking the enterance to the Pecos Wilderness, which is about a quarter mile from the trail head. Below: Me looking out at the awesomeness from the meadow. Honestly, I had never experienced anything like it in my life.
Above: Me with my pack back on, feeling none to happy about leaving the meadow, but that's okay, there was way more purtiness to come. Below: Awesomeness.
Below is a picture of Scarlett checking out some cattle that were grazing in the meadow on our way in, on the way back she would get a much closer look. The stupid cows were actually on the trail. Now call me silly, but I was a little worried about walking through a herd of long horned cattle with an unpredictable dog, after some debate, and coming within three feet of a big bull staring us down in the middle of the trail, we decided to go around them.Finally a video that captures the awesomeness and Scarlett's favorite activity, can you guess what she's doing?

That's right, she's rolling in poop, whatever kind she can find, deer, horse, cow, no matter, the fresher the better. Dogs are gross.


Anonymous said...

Darcy does the same thing--rolling in poop smell. IT IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL there!!!

Anonymous said...

Scarlett loves to roll in smelly stuff, especially feces, because she is masking her smell, just like wolves do, so she can sneak up on her prey! Hard to break thousands of years of instinct! Scarlett is a fierce hunter!

Melissa said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. There is nothing like a couple of days in the wilderness to clear your head. The photos are beautiful even if Scarlett was a little smelly!