Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WANTED - Master Destructor

Scarlett "Puppypants" Silverstein-Pinix
Wanted For: Theft, Destruction of Private Property, Excessive Cuteness
Description: Redish-Brown Hair, Golden Eyes, ~50lbs
If you see this fugitive report her immediately, do not attempt to approach her as she is extremely dangerous. She has been known to lick her victims nearly to death. Don't be fooled by her seemingly sweet and loving nature, she is a hardened criminal.


Melissa said...

Oh no....what did she do?

Beth said...

Socks, the more expensive and newer the better, also her travel food bowl, a t-shirt, a glove, and a sharpie.

acronym enthusiast said...

Well, Darcy peed on my comforter yesterday and then almost got ran over by a car. Sometimes, it's very, very hard to be a dog owner!

Melissa said...

At least it's not shoes! I will always remember the Italian boot incident when Duncan was a puppy.

Susan said...

It's like Scarlett is giving you important clues: don't travel with Michael Jackson (white T-shirt, fancy socks and one glove) he will write on your face with a sharpie when you fall asleep.