Thursday, June 12, 2008

FO - Frock Camisole

Pattern: Frock Camisole by Katie Himmelberg
Source: Interweave Spring 2008
Yarn: Gedifra Korella, 4.5 balls
Needles: US5 circular
I finished this twice, and twice I made silly mistakes that caused me grief. First, I had decided to do i-cord straps and to use kitchner stitch to attach the straps to the back, but I didn't like the seam and decided to take it out, but because this yarn is rather craptastic it got caught, I got frustrated, unraveling occurred. The Frock sat in a bag for over two months. Yesterday, I got her out and fixed her up, but then today, after I attached the straps (knit the way the pattern calls for), I had a million ends to weave in because the yarn was knotty. Stupid yarn. Anyways, a knot had occurred right along the front 'seam' and I didn't like the way the two ends made a gap so I started fiddling and the next thing I new I had a big scary hole. After some frustration and much patience I was able to fix the hole pretty well, as in no one but me will every know. Perfectionism got me in all sorts of trouble with this one. It was actually a really easy, fast knit. I'm not sure if I love it. I wish the straps were more 'finished' looking. I may still crabstitch the arm and neck edges to see if that helps, but not right away. It still needs to be blocked, but I'm calling this one done, done enough to wear to Worldwide Knitting in Public Day on Saturday!

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Cynthia said...

Super cute! You did a great job.