Friday, March 9, 2007

I ate what?

I wonder how many calories knitting burns? I hope thousands. It seems that recently numerous reports have been coming out about how terrible restaurant food is. We're not even talking fast-food items that most of us know are calorie laden disasters, but meals at sit-down establishments, some of which actually sound healthy. I am pretty educated about food, but I was shocked to learn that a meal of grilled salmon at the macaroni grill could be over 2,000 calories! Grilled salmon, the stuff everybody says to eat because it's fabulous for you, and still they found a way to make it terrible for you.

I think a splurge every now and then is wonderful, but now that people are getting 30% of their calories from meals they do not prepare at home it seems that restaurants need to start providing information for people so they can make educated choices, even if it does take some of the fun out of eating out.

I say save your money and buy your self some decedent, scrumptious and oh so delicious yarn!

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