Saturday, March 31, 2007

multi-directional noro scarf

Right before I left for Wisconsin I had 150 essays to grade for the class I was TAing, about 100 one page essays for my advisor's arts and experience class to go over, and I needed to pack for my upcoming trip, so of course, I thought I should cast-on a new project right away. Friend, Vanessa, had just sent out the pattern for the multi-directional scarf, which I had been intending to use to stash bust some noro silk garden I've had for over a year. The attached picture is what I had completed the day before I left, when I only had about half of my grading left. I would let myself knit a few rows after I graded 5 exams, so that was how the day proceded: knit, grade, knit, grade, knit, pack, knit.... And so on. I completed the rest of the scarf on my airplane ride here, but was left with not knitting project, so I headed out to an LYS in the area and picked up some new noro silk garden in cooler colors to knit one for mom. The pattern is just too much fun. The increases and decreases and self-striping yarn make it a totally obsession worthy project and the end results are really nice.

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