Friday, April 6, 2007


Not since I first moved to Riverside nearly three years ago have I taken off and driven across the dusty desert to the city of sin, but tomorrow matthew and I are taking our little car on a road trip to vegas. We're going to meet up with my mom and tim who are there on vacation and staying at the fancy scmancy bellagio. We plan to gamble, gawk, have a few cocktails, eat, hang out and just have a good time. Before leaving sin city we will spend some time with my mom's in-laws, who are also in las vegas this week, on sunday for a bit of repentance in the form of easter brunch.

Matthew and I just decided to join the vedra crew in vegas today and were able to book a room at the oldest hotel still standing in vegas the golden gate in the ever-bright downtown/fremont street area. The golden gate opened to the public in 1906 and has a rich history. It is the home of the original las vegas shrimp cocktail with over 25 million sold. SHRIMP COCKTAIL BABY, SHRIMP COCKTAIL. And how much does one have to pay for such a historic treat? A whopping 95 cents!! Oh YEAH!!! Shrimp for less than a buck - it's like heaven - only shadier.

After a long week of hard work on papers and propositions and prospectuses we are psyched to get away and have a good time with tim and karen before heading into another greuling week.

I'll be sure to post pictures upon our return.


miltownhero said...

vegas baby vegas

Anonymous said...

So this has got to be the WEIRDEST coincidence...but I actually went to vegas this past weekend for a bachelorette party...I live on the East coast so the fact that you guys were there too it just creepy.

I was even at the Bellagio Friday night getting my drink on.

Oh, and I'm the one that made fun of you. :)

Mighty Atom said...

Dude, I didn't know you guys went to Vegas! Where are those pictures? Did you get any of your stalker, who is clearly showing up "coincidentally" in Vegas when you are? Creepy, indeed.