Tuesday, September 18, 2007


As I mentioned earlier, the first week we moved here it was Fiesta, a celebration of the reconquest of Santa Fe by the Spanish in 1692 after those pesky native folks had taken it back in 1680, apparently they thought it belonged to them, silly Native Americans. Anyways they have big parties and parades and lots of mariachi bands and tons of food and a good time is had by all.
We took Scarlett to the pet parade, but she wasn't a big fan because of all of the marching bands - too much drumming for her taste.

That night we headed down to the plaza to check out all of the action, which was really just an oldies cover band and bunch of food, but it was fun.
This is where I acquired my fire, I mean green chile, laden sopaipilla, it was delicious but i did not sleep very well that night as the fire tormented endlessly:
Here is the Horchata (Mexican rice milk drink) that made it possible for me to eat the above mentioned stuffed sopaipilla:
We also went to Zozobra and hung out on the plaza during the day. It was a very busy week for us, especially since it was my first one here!

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Jessica Malisch said...

I love horchatta!! mmmm so tasty, wish I had some now!