Sunday, September 30, 2007

trail tail

We took our first hike in the mountains around Santa Fe today. We hit the Borrego trail with Matthew's co-clerk Sarah and had a great time. However, I forgot that if you go down a really big incline, you have to go back up it. With the altitude that was a little rough. Also, my darling puppy got so excited while running with another pooch she came across while hiking that she knocked me over with a tackle that would make any Sunday football fan cringe. Surprisingly, the blow doesn't appear to have caused any major damage. Scarlett had a fantastic time romping in the woods and frolicking in the creek. She did a great job off leash and we were able to keep track of her thanks to her blaze orange vest, which we received as a hand-me-down from our good friends Susan and Danny. I must say she looked adorable in it.
Enjoy some of the photos we took:
on down the trail
the queen of the forest
Our first family photo!
super puppy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awww. Scarlet is beautiful and it looks like you are enjoying SF! Can't wait to come visit, Jan. 21! Hey, maybe I can come early or stay later and crash at your pad. Tracy