Friday, December 19, 2008


We're still at home. We finally dug our way out of our driveway, but we're waiting for the roads across north central Illinois to be clear of ice before we head out towards Tulsa. We're planning to stop along the way at a motel 6 (classy, I know, but they are everywhere, cheap, and let pooches stay overnight) and arrive at Tulsa by lunchtime tomorrow.


Courtney said...

Aw there is so much snow! I'm so jealous! I hope you guys have a safe drive to Tulsa!

Anna said...

Oh man, be careful!! That sounds a bit scary. We are *freezing* over here with a high of 52 degrees. (You know how wimpy we are).

I'll get my share when we're in Philadelphia next week though. Too bad I only own two sweaters.

Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Dogs are good for digging, no?

Beth said...

We made it to Tulsa!

Courtney - come play in the snow with us!

Anna - wish Neil luck!

Kim - yes dog's are great diggers, and ours is no exception, except she was far better at unshoveling than really helping