Monday, December 8, 2008

can i get an upgrade? upgrade...

Good news: I got a new laptop. Bad news: It wasn't by choice.

My beloved iBook G4 came down with a rapidly progressing terminal illness last Wednesday after showing some signs of  distress the night before. She served me well for over three years, and it was sad to see her go, especially since we weren't really planning a major purchase just now. But, I was able to procure a new MacBook, not the fancy newest, earth friendly MacBook, but an early 2008 white version with the same specs. It is so much faster and nicer than my old one, and it has a built in webcam so now I can use my own computer to skype with my adviser, so that my husband won't have to give up valuable work time every week. Thanks to the geniuses over at the apple store all of my files and programs from my old mac are happily on my new one despite the uncooperative of the mostly dead older laptop.

Uptop is a pic of a MacBook like the new one currently on my lap. Immediately above is a much cleaner and newer looking version of my dead iBook G4, which is currently sitting on the dog's kennel until we decide what to do with it.

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