Monday, January 12, 2009

What I'm doing in the New Year

1. Resting more than I should be, but I'll need it. I don't see much rest in my future until mid-May.
2. Preparing to teach three new classes in the Spring (just two more weeks!) Fine tuning the syllabi over and over, creating powerpoints, reading...
3. Avoiding completing a draft of a chapter for my dissertation - I am resolving here and now to get to work on that, just as soon as I finish this up.
4. Clicking everyday to benefit 6 different charities. You can help too! Go here  and click, then go to each of the tabs across the top and do the same. It's that easy. I dragged the url to my bookmarks bar so that I remember to do it everyday.
5. Puppy snuggling
6. Updating my winter wardrobe with generous Holiday gift money, and also stimulating the economy. Can't you tell what a good job I'm doing?
7. Waiting for my new niece/nephew to arrive. Come on baby! (S-I-L is almost a week overdue, poor Jess)
8. Knitting a sweater - Calm by Kim Hargreaves
9. Finishing holiday knitting that did not get done
10. Trying, and failing, to stay warm in Antarctica, I mean Wisconsin

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Anonymous said...

Good luck staying warm, I hear you are in for some true arctic temps in the next week.