Sunday, April 6, 2008

knit stuff

The universe aligned such that I just had to knit the baby hat bellow. I found myself in Hobby Lobby (I know they're evil) because I looking for a zipper for M's sweater, which I did not find, but I decided to browse their "yarn" and picked up some really cheap cotton yarn in blue, because it just so happens that some friends of ours just had a baby boy. I had never before knit the baby hat from Stitch N Bitch, and everyone I know had knit it and it's always been cute. So voila - baby hat:For my s-i-l's birthday I made the bamboozled headband. Jessica is the mother of a one year old and showers can be hard to come by so I thought this would be a good gift. I bought this beautiful hemp yarn and got to work. The pattern was fun, but thanks to my incredibly loose knitting it's way too large for a normal sized head, I am planning to fix it by taking off some of the rows at the end. The disappointing hempboozle:
Finally, Scarlett is modeling a baby hat that I made to get over the disappointment of the bamboozle:
The pattern for the hat can be found here.


Jess and KP said...

It wasn't disappointing, it was darling! Believe me, it will be put to good use and is much appreciated for those shower-less days when a mommy still needs to feel cute!

Beth said...

Thanks Jess, it's a knitter thing. You have all these hopes and expectations and when things don't just turn out perfect - it's a bit disappointing. But, we'll have her up in running in no time!

Jessica and Adam said...

There is another greasy haired mom of a one-year old out there in need of a small headband.... and my name is Jessica too, so how bout it Beth???? come on, it is not like you need to write a dissertation or anything!