Thursday, April 17, 2008

news of the wierd

The weather here in Santa Fe has been crazy. A week ago Sunday I sat outside under my beautiful blooming apricot tree having my alone time and got a sunburn, but the next Wednesday we had snow, which lasted on and off until Friday night. By the Sunday just passed it was sunny and nice again and by Monday I had on shorts, and Tuesday I was wearing a summer sundress and frolicking about in the outdoors. Yesterday I went for a long walk with my friend Kristin and wore only a tank top. Today:That's my apricot tree all covered in snow. What!? I'm sure tomorrow I'll be sitting outside in shorts and a tank top!

In other news, look at this face:
That folks is the face of a killer. Last night, a local sparrow met his or her end in the jaws of the ferocious beast pictured above. Needless to say, I was a bit freaked out. I know she's an animal and it is just her instinct, but it was disturbing none the less, a bit like the weather.

Nature makes for some strange stories.


Erin said...

Same thing here. Monday was 80's and we spent 3 hours at the park playground. Tuesday we got dumped on and it snowed ALL day..This years snowpack may hold us through most of the summer so we're happy for the moisture. Hunnybear, our cat, is the one on the prowl for birds at our house.

Susan said...

Poor Scarlett. Maybe it was self-defense?

Beth said...

Yeah, if by self-defense, you mean she probably stalked it from inside the door and pounced like a cat. Then yes, probably self-defense.